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Fan community for Pixar's film WALL•E
After 700 years of doing what he was built for
- he'll discover what he's meant for.

Hello and welcome to buy_n_large, LJ’s first fan community dedicated to Pixar’s film, WALL•E.


Be respectful
Place all spoilers behind an lj-cut. Use it wisely.
All posts are public (for exceptions, see below)
Keep on topic
If you’re posting icons, limit teasers to 3 icons
Graphics/pics larger than 500x500 should be under a cut
Rate and label fanfic and fanart accordingly
All fanmixes should be friends-locked
Have fun!

Since we can't guarantee everyone in the community has seen the film, please be considerate and keep major spoilers (ie. "what happened to so-and-so?") under a cut. Thank you!

- Graphics: community layout contest Ended October 14, 2008
- Fanart: humanized robots!

wall_e_fanfic - First LJ comm for WALL•E fanfic!
walle_ficontest - WALL•E fanfic contest. Come, join, and read.
wall_e_fanart - Fanart of our favourite robots. :)
wall_e_icons - (Because new fandoms means new icons)
walleve_fans - Fans of WALL-E/EVE unite!
stanton_fans - All hail WALL•E's creator/Nemo's true father!
walle_meta - Got questions regarding canon? Ask right here.
wall_e_rp - We've got Lots of Bots. (and humans)
bolt2008 - Fan comm for Disney's superstar German Shepherd!
78balloons - Fan comm for Pixar's next upcoming film "UP"
walle_icontest - Exactly what it says. ICONTEST. 8D

This community does not condone illegal downloads of the film. Any posts doing so will be deleted, and the OP will warned only once.

Mod Contact:
dragon_faere (who's been away for much too long!)
E-mail: dragonfaere@gmail.com, or leave a PM via LJ

dreaming_faerie (Hurrah! Help!)
E-mail: dreaming_faerie@livejournal.com, or leave a PM via LJ

fuzzy_ninja (More help!)
E-mail: saiyanprincesskg@hotmail.com, or leave a PM via LJ

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